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Any time! But the best time to start learning is autumn, at the start of the winter practice season. If you join in spring or summer we won't be able to teach you much straight away, but you can get to know us and get the idea of what it is all about. Of course those with previous experience can often join in straight away.


We always welcome new members, but we are an all-male club.
Previous experience? Not necessary - we will teach you.
Age - from 15 to 50+.
Fitness - a reasonable level is necessary; but dancing is good exercise.

The morris is an all-embracing tradition, with clubs open to men, women, or both. Although Peterborough Morris is all-male, our friends Crosskey Clog, who perform dances from the North-West of England, welcome women and men.
We think of Morris as typically English, yet none of us were born into it - English heritage is not a requirement.
We often meet at pubs but if you don't take alcohol you will not be alone.


Men and boys of all ages are welcome. (Under 18s should be accompanied by an adult.) Traditionally, Morris is a young man's activity and teenage is a good time to start, and we can discuss with parents how minors are properly supervised and protected.


There is no cost to learn, just come in comfortable clothes and with an open mind. We will provide tuition and a brief background to the history of the dance. There is no obligation to join us, but we do hope to be able to inspire you to give it a go.


We perform at fêtes, festivals, pubs, and beer festivals, as well as attending various gatherings of morris dancers in Birmingham, Sheringham and Leicester. The costs are low, and the rewards are great!
There are some parallels with team sports although we are not competitive. Teamwork is an essential part of a display and there is a satisfying feeling when it all comes together. Then there is the social aspect. You may enjoy a pint with your mates but there is more to it than just beer.

It's easy isn't it?

The footwork can be quite intricate, perhaps a little more so than you expected, but it comes with practice. So it's probably trickier than other styles of morris. But that makes it more interesting; and satisfying when you get it right. But you really do need to have a sense of rhythm and be able to move in time with the music.

Contact and practice venue

Confirm with the Bagman (see CONTACT page) where we will be next Tuesday. You could just turn up and speak to one of us at a practice or pub night, but it's best to 'phone in case of a late change of plan. See the CONTACT page for entry procedure to Fletton Club.